Bathroom Tile Designs

Bathroom Tile Ideas

When it comes time to tiling your bathroom, it's sometimes hard to come up with bathroom tile ideas. From tiling the floor, shower walls and even the outside shower walls, there are a lot of choices to make. Other than the color of the tiles, you also have to consider patterns, size, shape and texture of the tiles. Whether you have a retro look in your bathroom, or a more modern look, there are tiles out there to fit your needs.

When it comes to matching the tile, you might not want to tile the floor and walls with the same colored tiles. You still want the tiles to match, however, so pick a color and have a lighter shade on the walls and a darker shade on the floor. If you have the same shade on both the floor and the walls, the bathroom will seem claustrophobic and will seem smaller than it actually is. If you have a two-toned bathroom, it will make it seems more spacious.

There are several interior design web sites that will help with bathroom tile ideas. These sites will help you find tiles that match the fixtures you already have installed. Do it yourself or craftsman type magazines and catalogs are also good places to check for ideas. Home improvement stores are a good option also. Stores often have several tile samples displayed in their showrooms.

Interior decorators are helpful in that they have access to tile samples. You can actually get a good look and feel of different bathroom tile ideas before actually buying anything. Interior decorators will also give you ideas you might not have thought about yourself.

The tiles you choose for your bathroom may vary depending on who actually uses it. If it's your own personal bathroom you might be bolder in your ideas. You may want to try out a specific theme. However, if the bathroom is going to be used by guests, you may want more subtle ideas. Your guests may not share the same tastes as you, so it's a good idea to be more conservative.