Bathroom Tile Designs

How To Lay Bathroom Tile

Putting a new finish on an old bathroom is not as hard as it may seem. Putting in ceramic or porcelain tile is a great facelift for a tired and heavily used bathroom. When considering this as a personal home improvement project remember a few tips to help the job go smoothly.

Prepare all surfaces well: Remove all old material whether it is from floors or walls and make sure the underlying wood is smooth, clean and dry. If any areas need repairs or will not smooth out replace the wood or backer board before beginning your tile project.

Choose Wisely: Choose colors that complement existing color patterns in the room. If you are completely tearing down and can choose colors completely based on your desire and personality keep the size of the room in mind. Small rooms do better with small tiles that are light colored where large rooms can handle the bigger twelve inch tiles and darker colors better.

Start in the center: Face the fact that you will have to cut tiles at the edges where walls meet each other or the floor. Starting your tiling in the center of the floor or wall will give the room a more pleasing appearance when it is finished.

Don't Skimp: Remove all baseboards, fixtures including the toilet and cabinets, and mirrors and tile the walls or floors completely. Going 'around' these items will give your finished product a cheap, hastily done look.

Avoid Small Cuts: Even though you will have to cut edge tiles try to make them half tile size or greater cuts. Smaller tiles look skimpy and sloppy. You can do this by laying out your tile prior to setting to get an idea of how close you will be to the wall or joint with your last full tile. If the space is smaller than a half tile space your tiles just a little wider to compensate and get a better fit at the edges.

With just these few simple tips you will be on your way to a beautifully finished new bathroom that sparkles and a great deal of pride from doing it yourself.