Bathroom Tile Designs

How To Tile A Bathroom? – Don’t Worry You Can Do It Yourself

If you are short on money but know that you have to redo your bathroom, then you might want to learn how to tile the bathroom yourself. It really isn’t all that difficult, but it does take precision, and time. It is possible to tile your own bathroom, but you need to prep the room before you start your project. The reason is that the bathroom is different from any other room in your home. You have a lot of permanent fixtures in the bathroom, unlike other areas of the home, and in order to tile a bathroom well, it’s best when you remove things like the toilet, the bath, and the hand basin. But, don’t get me wrong, lots of people do tile around these fixtures, although the end result is not as nice as, when you have removed the fixtures first.

Remove Old Bathroom Flooring

The first step in the process of tiling your bathroom is to remove all the old tile or whatever was used to cover the floor. This means you also have to take out any old adhesive, or cement that remains too. Its important that your foundation be completely clean or you will have problems later.

Choose your New Bathroom Tile

Now its time to decide on what type of tiling you want for that bathroom floor. Then you need to decide on the pattern you want your tiles to lay in. Lay a few tiles down one way, and then another to get a feel for it. It may take you a while to decide on the right way you want these tiles to lay. Don’t worry! Take your time! You haven’t done anything yet, so now is the time to decide.

Measure the Bathroom Out

Ok, at this point you want to measure the room out, so what you do is measure the walls and mark the center of each wall, and place a small nail in the center of the wall, just an inch high from the floor, then tie a chalk line to each of the nails across the room, and tighten the line. You want to snap the line so that you get the chalk impression on the floor. This is the center of your bathroom.

Start With The Bathroom Tile Adhesive

The adhesive is a powder so you have to mix it according to the instructions. If this is your first tiling job, then don’t buy a quick set adhesive.

Laying the Bathroom Tile

At your chalk intersection you want to lay your first tile, and then you want to tile towards both walls intermittently. As you approach the wall, you will generally come to a point where you will need to cut the tile. You will need to measure your cut, and draw a pencil line on the tile and use a tile cutter to do the job.

As you can see it is not that difficult to learn how to tile the bathroom. It just takes careful planning and a great deal of patience.